School’s out with a whisper….

The last day of school was yesterday… at least on the calendar. My son finished everything last week, so summer came early. Actually, it feels like summer started in March.

We’ve spent the last several months trying to fill our kids’ time with extra activities, using up all of our ideas for keeping them busy until school “starts” again, whatever that will look like. Vacations cancelled, many places still closed, it’s the worst start to the best part of the year that I can remember.

Looking around at our world, even though there’re no desks, our country has become a giant classroom. Never in my lifetime have I felt so compelled to learn about others’ struggles, or to think about what I can do to help.

I’m deciding for everyone, this is the summer for volunteering. Even from home, there are things you and your kids can do. The marches are powerful, but change will come after the streets are quiet and COVID is tamed. The change will happen when we inspire the next generation to look beyond themselves, step forward, and make a stand.

I have put together a list of ideas and inspirations (see Standing Up, Finding a Path.) The possibilities are too plentiful, unfortunately, but I hope I can help you to search for a cause or two, or ten.

Happy “summer”—wear your masks!!


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