Random Genre Generator

Use the first letter of your name, or the first letter of the color of your shirt to pick your genre. For a second genre, pick the day of the month you were born.


Fairy Tales feature characters found in folklore (elves, trolls, fairies, witches, etc.) The conflict between good and evil is the primary element, along with traditional beginnings (Once upon a time…) and happy endings (…happily ever after.)


Fantasies take place in imaginary, supernatural worlds, and generally don’t have scientific themes or dark plots. Magic and magical creatures populate these stories, and characters are often sent on an adventure.


Mysteries are usually centered around a crime that needs to be solved. There are several suspects who have reasonable motives for committing the crime. A detective solves the crime from clues presented to the readers through foreshadowing, obvious clues, and hidden evidence.


A story with funny characters in awkward situations. There are many types of comedies, but for this example, use familiar settings, puns, oddball characters, and cheerful endings.


A romance involves two people falling in love with each other. Often, other people or situations prevent the two people from being together, and they must find some way around the obstacle. The ending is usually happy, with the people managing to be together.


Sci Fi stories are set in the future or in an alternate universe. Technology, real or imagined, science, and politics are usually at the center of the story. Characters generally have to choose between moving forward by using technological or scientific advances.


Horror stories are intended to create fear. They often include the supernatural, mysterious people, and deserted locations.


A mission that is risky and dangerous creates suspense in an action/adventure story. There are chases, explosions, and usually journeys to unusual places. There is physical action, a bad guy/good guy, and multiple settings.

21-31 DRAMA

Dramas have realistic characters in ordinary places. The character is at a difficult place in their life, and has to choose a path, when there is no obvious good answer. Conflict is necessary, and can be internal or external, and can be developed in one character or many.

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